Our Legacy Lint Cosmetics: Positivity - Equality - Creativity

Lint is more than a cosmetics brand, it is a community of creatives that seek to see a better world.

The standards that lint holds which are reflected within the community are positivity, equality and creativity.


Positivity is at the forefront of everything we do. Lint believes that beauty is from within rather than what you see at face value. We believe cosmetics work as a form of self expression rather than a mask to cover up and that is why we make a conscious effort to differentiate the two from one another, as this enables a positive impact on mental health.


Equality is not choice but a standard which all humans should aspire to achieve collectively. With Lint we have the opportunity to contribute to the causes that affect mankind. The causes closest to our hearts are providing education and clean water to our communities in the wider world, we aim to fulfil these basic needs by contributing a percentage of each purchase made and aim to deliver this personally as it is the reason for why Lint was created.


Creativity is unique to each individual, with an industry where only the people with the highest followings on social media tend to make it, we felt it a personal goal to bring together all artists from different levels and backgrounds. We aim to shine a light on the core skills of artistry and showcase everyone’s creative works no matter how big or small they may be on social media.

It is with these core beliefs we are able to achieve a connection with a broad range of creatives from different levels across the globe, who spread the same message and believe in Lint’s core values.