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Our Story

At Lint our most important resource is our people and their creative freedom. We’re the one and only cosmetics brand for the creatives. We value, honour and celebrate great artistry and great artists at different levels. Our motto stands as “Just because you show love, it doesn’t take your shine away!”

Lint began its journey among global artists and designers coming together with a vision to put a positive spin in the cosmetics industry. A brand fashioned for the innovators of the community.

Lint spreads positivity on a global scale, shows equality and highlights creativity. Our number one priority is our Lint community. It is in our best interest to look after them and you. If we can do this, we will always reach our dreams.

We have a desire to achieve a higher standard and to challenge the status quo.

Bringing in a diverse group of influencers from around the world who have become our #lintcreatives. They continue to test the beauty ideals and inspire with their passion for art in their bold and expressive ways.

Express your creativity and don’t be afraid to spread the love!